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July 9 2020

Learning about Islam

In the modern world, we often find it difficult to balance learning about anything other than calculus or participating in extracurriculars! What I've recognized is that people don't often make an effort to learn more about other cultures and religions. People often take a stance where someone has their opinion, and you have yours. However, let's challenge that narrative. I'd like you to spend some time learning about the religion of one of your friends, By making an honest effort to learn, you'll become a better friend and ally.

Discussion Forum

As a reminder, we ask that you keep this discussion respectful and we will under no circumstance tolerate hate speech of any form.

Shaahana Naufal

Passionate about serving as an ally to my fellow classmates and learning more about what I can do to help combat Islamophobia.

I've always found it difficult to bring up a conversation surrounding religion to people I'm not close friends with. Any tips on how to approach this in a respectful way and take it as an opportunity to learn?

Ayla Orucevic

Constantly learning about all of the religions around me and doing my best!

I've found that it's really just important to have an open and honest conversation with your friends. They're usually pretty excited that you're making an effort to learn! :).

Pilgrimage to Mecca

Learn about why Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca and the importance of this in their religion.

Islam in the Western World

Learn about how you can leverage social media and the digital world to share your culture.

Reading and Learning

Reading is vital to learning about your religion's history and understanding its beliefs on a deeper level.